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Our Why

Our legacy is much more than the money and things we leave behind.

At Capsul, we believe that each person has a wealth of experience and wisdom to pass on (i.e. their real legacy), and we recognize that, up until now, there has never been a clear or easy way to capture it.

This is why we founded Capsul: to encapsulate the memory, essence and legacy of a life fully lived so that all current and future generations can enjoy and learn from their loved one long after they’re gone.

Our ultimate vision is to create the most beautiful, the most organized and the largest container of individual and family memories and wisdom the world has ever seen.

This is our first step in that direction. Our first step in creating a time capsule your family can cherish forever.

Our Values


Whether its the family you were born with or the family you choose, we believe these are the most important collection of humans in our lives and ones that should be taken care of with love, respect and care, always.


Connection is a core human need and desire. It's also the foundation of our existence…we’re all connected. Capsul’s ultimate objective is to help individuals, families and humanity reconnect at every level of their Being.


Nothing is too small or too insignificant to be made beautiful. Capsul seeks to capture the beauty within each individual and ensure that beauty is represented in the quality of every product we produce.

Our Team

Capsul Team

Jonathan Hermida

Co-Founder / CEO

Jonathan is a Miami born entrepreneur and master coach who has dedicated his life and career to connecting humans: to themselves, to others, and to life. Jonathan is also a mindfulness teacher, world-traveller, life long athlete, and most importantly, a devoted husband and father. You can connect with Jonathan here. 

Kirill Ignatieff

Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer

Kirill is the creative genius behind the state-of-the-art YouCapture™ technology that allows us to capture intimate, authentic, and powerful video interviews. Kirill is also a futurist, philosopher, tech junky and world-class portrait photographer. You can connect with Kirill here.

Capsul Team
Capsul team

Monica Ihnatsyeu

Chief Operations Officer

Monica is the OG operations ninja working behind the scenes to ensure customers have the best experience at Capsul. Monica is also an aspiring artist, plant whisperer, and a devoted dog mom to two beautiful poodles. You can connect with Monica here. 

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168 SE 1st ST 4th Floor Miami, FL, 33131


(305) 414 1634


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