Their stories. Their expressions. Their voice. Capture what matters.

We produce high quality video interviews in our Miami studio that encapsulate everything you love about the ones you love.

Their stories. Their expressions. Their voice.

Capture what matters.

We create high quality video interviews in our Miami studio that encapsulate everything you love about the ones you love.

How it Works

Schedule Your Interview

After we’ve chatted, we’ll invite you to register, make a deposit, and schedule your loved one’s interview day.

Arrive at the Studio for the Interview

You and your loved one will be greeted by our wonderful staff and go through a final walk through of the interview. Once everything is clear, we begin the interview. 

Receive Legacy Video

Over the next four weeks our team will edit the interview and then deliver the final product in a beautiful box with a custom USB and as a downloadable link to share with family. 



Examples of What You Receive

Our main package comes with three video files- a trailer, a compilation of the best answers, and the full interview. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

From the Family

From the Loved Ones

Play Video
Play Video

Your loved one will never be gone.

Hear their voice and see their face any time you want. Our video time capsules give you and your family the only real way to keep their presence alive forever.

Photos and family stories have their limitations.

Ensure that your children, grandchildren and future generations can actually meet and learn from the people you care most about in their own words long after they’re gone. 

Your loved one wants to leave a legacy. They just don't know how.

Gift them the opportunity to share the lessons, values, and principles they want the family to always remember.

Examples of What You Receive

About the Team

Our expert team offers a white glove service in our one of a kind video recording studio located in the heart of downtown Miami.

Jonathan Hermida

Co-Founder / CEO

Jonathan is a bilingual, Miami born entrepreneur, Master Coach, and the lead interviewer at Capsul. He brings over a decades worth of experience working with people to bring depth and warmth to the interview process.

Kirill Ignatieff

Co-Founder / CTO

Kirill is the creative genius behind the state-of-the-art YouCapture™ technology that allows us to capture intimate, authentic, and powerful video interviews. Kirill makes sure the best version of your loved one is captured on camera.

Monica Ihnatsyeu


Monica is the operations ninja working behind the scenes to ensure customers have the best experience at Capsul. She is the superglue that keeps this entire operations moving. You may not see her, but her impact touches all aspects of the business.


There are two main things you receive when you purchase a Capsul package. 

One is a service for your loved one where they get to feel seen, heard and appreciated. We give them an incredible experience where they get to reflect on their entire lives. They talk about their childhood, what their parents and family were like, what growing up in their respective cities or country was like. They share about their career, their relationships, their current family. They go into the difficulties they had in life, the lessons they learned and what advice they have for the younger generations. Among many other topics. This interview really brings out the joy in our clients. 


We then edit this interview to deliver three beautiful final products. One is a trailer or preview of the longer interview that has inspirational music and these beautiful candid shots we capture in the studio. The second is a compilation of the most profound answers so that you and your family can easily reference them any time you want. And then lastly is the full interview diving into all aspects of their life. 

All of this we deliver as a link you can share with your family and as an actual physical box that contains a customer USB. 


For the time being your loved one will need to come to Miami in order to record their interview. Rest assured that we are working diligently on the back end to make these video interviews widely available. Please send your email address and location to our email address ([email protected])  if you’re interested in receiving updates on when we expand our offerings.

One of the first things you can do is send them to this page. This can give them a sense of what they’re getting and why it’s worth it. 

Another thing you can do is schedule a call with us and include them in it so that we can answer any questions you might have. 

And lastly, identify the family members that are most excited about doing this and see if together you all can convince anyone that is still on the fence to contribute. There’s power in numbers! 

Somewhat! Packages require a $500 non-refundable deposit as soon as you sign up. The remaining total is to be paid on the day of the interview. 

What we do recommend is to split the cost with your loved ones. Use Zelle, Venmo or other payment apps to easily split the cost among family and friends in any way you wish. 

We are working on providing a financing option as well. Stay tuned! 

Yes! We offer a 20% discount per package if purchasing more than one package. 

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